The sensors at the TechnoZ roof

Find here an overview about the weather station at the TechnoZ roof.

All data about this weather station can be found online via the SOS (Sensor Observation Service). This SOS contains all data of all the weatherstations which belong to the Landscapelab, which are sorted by different names. The sensors which are presented at this site can be found at the SOS by “hydro03″. You can check out the data by taking a look at a chart or by downloading the csv file.

The sensors presented on this site are located at the weather station at the TechnoZ in Salzburg, the headquarter of the Z_GIS. The red circle on the map marks the location.



The Ombrometer measures the amount of precipitation in a certain period of time.  
The air temperature is measured in a ventilated case, to protect it from the solar radiation.
The wind direction sensor is north-oriented and detects the direction of the wind.
The speed of the wind is an important parameter to calculate the evaporation.